Scaffold an ExtJS 6.2.*-Community SPA using Sencha CMD on Windows 10

1 min readJun 17, 2020

How to create new ExtJS SPA using Sencha CMD

1. Download Sencha CMD ^6.2.*

2. Download ExtJS SDK

Scaffold Application

  1. Extract ExtJS SDK to somewhere ,In this case I extracted to

2. Use Terminal CD to that directory

3. run this command

sencha -sdk "path\to\sdk" generate app yourAppName "path\to\your\app"

For Example

sencha -sdk "D:\project2020\ext-6.2.0" generate app myapp "D:\project2020\myapp"

4. cd to your app

cd myapp

5. watch the application (in the app directory)

sencha app watch

The Sencha CMD will compile code automatically when you save changes.